Stages of Divorce

Understanding the Divorce Process in Pretoria

The process of divorce, a difficult family law matter, can be daunting. As one of the leading law firms in Pretoria, we offer a full range of legal services. We understand that divorce has a direct and permanent impact on individuals. Our divorce attorneys in Pretoria are committed to delivering service excellence and are well-versed in South African law.

Stages of Divorce

The divorce process can be complex, with several stages involved. These stages differ between unopposed divorce and contested divorce cases. Our divorce attorneys, skilled in numerous cases, are available to assist you through this.

Unopposed Divorce

An unopposed divorce is when both parties agree to the divorce and settlement agreement. This agreement is presented to either the regional court or high court.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce, or opposed divorce, occurs when the parties cannot agree. In this situation, the divorce process can be lengthy and costly. Here, the expertise of our divorce attorneys becomes indispensable.

The Role of a Divorce Attorney

Our divorce attorneys, including those in Pretoria North, Pretoria Central, and Pretoria East, can offer a broad spectrum of legal services. They provide guidance on divorce and family law, including aspects like property division and child custody.


Children and Divorce

In cases involving minor children, our attorneys pay careful attention to their best interests. We aim to help our clients understand child custody rights and responsibilities.

Property Division

Property division is often a significant contention in a divorce. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these disputes, ensuring fair division of assets.

Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement, drafted by your own attorney, outlines the terms of the divorce. It includes property division, child custody, and spousal maintenance arrangements.

The Role of the Family Advocate

The Family Advocate, appointed by the court, assists in family law matters involving minor children.

The Courts’ Role

The magistrates court is typically involved in unopposed divorce, while the high court handles contested divorce cases.

Post-Divorce Assistance

After the divorce, our divorce attorneys remain committed to our clients. Whether it’s assistance with deceased estates, divorce mediation, or general litigation, our team is here to help.

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As your preferred legal partner, we offer vast experience in divorce and family law practices. Our leading divorce lawyers strive to minimize the impact of divorce.

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